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Our 2 & 3 year old Preschool classes provide a fun and full day for our littlest Eagles. From learning letters and numbers to learning how to play together at centers to getting along on the playground to learning about the love of Jesus, our preschoolers have fun and full days.


HCA Preschool for 4 year olds is awesome!


Our preschoolers learn letters and sounds, number recognition and counting, phonics, Bible stories and verses, and songs and poems all while having fun and learning to play together. We are very proud of how much our little ones learn and grow throughout the year.


Our preschoolers also attend “specials” classes every day- a rotation of PE, Art, Computer, Library, and Music. Along with outside fun, lunch, rest time, and center time, our preschoolers have full, fun days!


We use the ABeka curriculum in all our preschool classes. We love how phonics-based it is! We have seen year after year of successful students and GREAT readers. Everything is covered from phonics to Bible to language development to community helpers.


We are very happy with our little ones and the program. We are concerned that the children are happy and are learning every day!



For more information about our awesome Preschool,

email our Preschool Director, Kristy Flowers!

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