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Parental Involvement


The ultimate success of a student is contingent upon the encouragement each child receives from his parents on a daily basis. We believe that parents have a sacred responsibility and anointing from God to know His best course of action for their children.


The Academy is a professional extension of the parents’ pursuit of God’s will for their children. As such, the Academy works with parents to achieve the goals and realize the aspirations they nurture for their children in an encouraging, loving, and disciplined manner. In order for the home and school to cooperate efficiently, there must be effective communication between the two. To that end, parents should check for notices on a daily basis. (See below)  Parents are encouraged to be involved as classroom volunteers, room mothers and fathers, and assist with field trips, plays, classroom activities, and initiate and implement fundraising for special projects. 


Volunteer Hours


Parent volunteers aid the school in several ways, but basically, your volunteering hours help keep tuition fees down. You may receive volunteer hours for donating classroom supplies (as needed by the teacher), for helping with special projects or trips, helping in a classroom, library, or office, when needed, or for setting up, preparing or cleaning up for a special school function.  In order to schedule volunteer time, watch announcements for special requests for help or needs, then call Mrs. Rachel to sign up for a time.  Please be prudent, every family is required to help. Each family is encouraged to volunteer at least 10 hours per school year.



Parental Notifications.

Email: Sign-up to receive important information. If you aren't receiving emails, email Mrs. Rachel and ask her to add you!

Report Cards:  Report cards are no longer printed and are available online through Headmaster.


Behavior Notices:  These notices are found on headmaster under the behavior tab. 

Inclement Weather:  Heritage Christian Academy will have school on stormy days if public schools are open. When the administration cancels school a cancelation notice will be sent out through email and facebook.        


Parent meetings and regular parent-teacher conferences:  The first parent orientation is held prior to the beginning of school. Attending this meeting will insure that parents are informed about school operation and procedures thereby insuring a good start for the school year. Every parent should take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves. In addition, conferences may be scheduled with faculty by contacting the school office or emailing the teacher.

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