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Financial Aid

Financial aid is designed to help parents with the cost of tuition at HCA.  Eligibility and funds awarded are based on:

  • Financial Need (as assessed by FACTS)

  • Satisfactory student performance (as assessed by a student’s grade average and disciplinary record). Students transferring in must complete a Records Request for us to access records from previous schools.

  • Family participation in school (as assessed by volunteer hours)

  • Participation of family receiving financial aid in HB1133 by contributing through GASSO in the amount equal to their GA tax liability (line 16 of their GA tax return).

  • Availability of funds

  • Only students that are at least 4 years old (BEFORE September 1st of the school year for which they requesting aid) are eligible for financial aid per the guidelines established under HB1133.


Step 1: Click on the FACTS icon.


Step 2: Create an account!

Step 3: Fill out all info and upload needed docs. 


Only when ALL of the above steps have been completed will your request be considered.



The HCA Leadership Team desires that no student be denied a Heritage Christian Academy education on the basis of finances alone. All information used in this process is confidential and will only be shared with the Leadership Team as they consider this request.

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